It has been said once
It has been said twice
But you still don’t arise
From the stupor
That you’ve immersed
Yourself in
In your efforts to
Blend in with the rest.
Don’t you know?
You are unique
One of a kind
It’s plain to see
That you are priceless
But you’ve not acknowledged
Your worth!
Look into the mirror,
Search your soul,
Refine your principles,
Give it one more try,
Stop thinking,
That the world
Owes you something
Coz it owes you nothing!
Life won’t offer a map,
But a compass

You need to get
To your Destiny
Through the
A new dawn beckons
Devoid of misgivings
And reservations
Push hard
Against the odds
Into world’s unknown
For you are endowed with
Never ending courage!
As you face another day
The spirit of champions
That lies within
For you deserve the best!

composed by






We all crave power in our lives. We thrive when we know we are in charge of something important. The lure to obtain power springs forth from childhood when you know you have something that someone else wants or doesn’t have. It pursues us all through our lives whether we want it or not. It’s said that if you want to know a man’s character, give him power.

Power is a double edged sword. It builds and destroys all in one blow. There are no limits to what power can do and can’t do. It can wipe you out with a sickening blow and you don’t see it coming.

If there is something I have painfully learnt this year is that getting a group of people to operate from the same page will break and build you then break and build you over and over again. The battle scars you bear are worn proudly or with great pain.

There are many reasons as to why people don’t get along.It may be that from the very first day you met, you knew that they are to be avoided for everyone’s peace of mind; then fate cheekily throws you in the same frying pan for an extended period of time. It may be that you are all in different seasons of your life and what you have to do together just doesn’t click with their current mood.


It may be that it being your first experience as a leader, overwhelmed you beyond your coping capabilities therefore you may go down in history as leader whose style of leadership was wanting. It could be that your entire year has been marked with major upsets that have rocked every single sphere of your feeble but resilient existence. It could be that you are very comfortable being a wall flower and only showing up when really necessary then disappear into the shadows.

However, life deals you its fair share of surprises and you have to be visible at all times. That’s deals quite a blow to one’s coping mechanisms and having an individual who doesn’t attempt to get along with you even in the slightest, can continually chip at your armour leaving you bleeding internally, but with the brightest of smiles on your face.

Oh be careful what you wish for, but even as you wish upon a star pray for wisdom to handle whatever situation crops up with each new dawn. Proudly wear your battle scars, revive your armour and let not one dull your shine.