It has been said once
It has been said twice
But you still don’t arise
From the stupor
That you’ve immersed
Yourself in
In your efforts to
Blend in with the rest.
Don’t you know?
You are unique
One of a kind
It’s plain to see
That you are priceless
But you’ve not acknowledged
Your worth!
Look into the mirror,
Search your soul,
Refine your principles,
Give it one more try,
Stop thinking,
That the world
Owes you something
Coz it owes you nothing!
Life won’t offer a map,
But a compass

You need to get
To your Destiny
Through the
A new dawn beckons
Devoid of misgivings
And reservations
Push hard
Against the odds
Into world’s unknown
For you are endowed with
Never ending courage!
As you face another day
The spirit of champions
That lies within
For you deserve the best!

composed by





  1. Clothes look better on a mannequin. ☺
  2. Define your world before the world defines you.
  3. Discipline, Discipline, Discipline. You may be talented, but without discipline, you will miss out on your purpose. Discipline drives your purpose.
  4. English is a language spoken by millions but still remains quite mysterious. How else do you explain one word with the same letter being pronounced in a myriad of ways? Well, I guess if humans have multiple personalities, why can’t words?
  5. Estate caretakers, house helps and security guards should all write a book, individually or collectively. What don’t they know?
  6. FACT: If you remember something important that you need to carry with you the next day, just when you are crawling into bed at night; just drag yourself out of them blankets and place it within your view. Otherwise it will be compartmentalized in the DONE AND DONE recesses of your mind. 😉
  7. Not all Meru’s chew or have chewed Miraa. Kindly don’t ask me how it tastes. I really don’t know and don’t have the urge to find out. Muchos gracias.
  8. Some colognes and perfumes were specifically made to test how strong and effective my gag reflex is.
  9. The wrong people don’t leave your life voluntarily. No they don’t.
  10. There is beauty in uniformity and splendour in diversity.
  11. To get somewhere, seek the help of those who have been there and done that.
  12. To stay relevant, you have to work as if you have just started the journey.
  13. Want to get better at your craft? Practice each and every day whether you feel like or not.
  14. Whatever you recognize, you become thankful for and whatever you are grateful for multiplies.
  15. You are blessed to be a blessing.