33 Life Lessons at 33


1. Life is about sharing… during valleys and peaks in our lives. Its all about enriching relationships.

2. Family is everything. Like for real. Enough said.

3. Don’t be too hard on yourself…life is crazy but navigable.

4. There is power in what you say…Never speak out something negative about yourself or others

5. Don’t burn bridges…just unscrew the bolts…you never know what the future holds.

6. Time is fleeting. Time is precious. Time is emotion. Manage time…success follows suit.

7. Don’t bottle up your emotions coz you don’t want to look weak. Find your “person” or people who you can be free with…like be non-judgementally be free with. Its so refreshing and empowering to speak out.

8. If you are lost as to what your passion is,  ask friends and family what they think your strong suits are…reflect…then hit the road running.

9. Love songs truly do hit home when you fall in love. Plus they scorch and burn, when you’ve fallen out of love.

10. Don’t point fingers at others when things go wrong or don’t work out in your favour. Regroup…note down what went wrong, what life lesson do you pick then move on.

11. Kazi ya Bwana Yesu usifanye ili uonekane. Your labour/service should be prompted by love and love for God alone. All else fizzles out in due time.

#Part 2 is on its way!






One fine day, a while ago, I asked for challenges from my friends and this is what they sent back. 😉

  1. Make an avocado rose
  2. Go bungee jumping
  3. White water rafting
  4. Start a counselling mentorship program
  5. Do 10 press ups and skip rope for 30 minutes daily
  6. Dye my hair(whole head and not brown or black)
  7. Make 10 lapel flower pieces
  8. Climb Mt. Longonot & walk around the rim at the top
  9. Plant 33 trees  ( 3 Trees planted so far…30 more to go.)
  10. Start a crafts school for young ones (Boundless Joy Craft Club)
  11. Do aerobics for 2 weeks
  12. Prepare a fancy 3 course dinner for @ least 15 people
  13. Go on a holiday alone for at least two days at a nice hotel or resort
  14. Learn to play a music instrument
  15. Do a major random act of kindness to a stranger ( can’t give money)
  16. Do something you are really scared of
  17. Approach and ask a guy I have a crush on out on a date
  18. Take driving classes
  19. Go dancing all night on my birthday
  20. Make suggested book art
  21. Take a vacation in Kisumu and prepare fish the “Kisumu” way
  22. Perfect my swimming skills
  23. Wear knee length dresses and skirts plus 3 inch heels/ wedges for a month
  24. Bake birthday cake for Kate’s baby girl by April 5th 2017
  25. Draw a portrait of Kate’s daughter as she is at 4 months (to be shared soon)
  26. Start a blog and share my daily reflections  (faithmutegi.wordpress.com) 😉
  27. Wear lipstick and other makeup of my choice and send a selfie to the group
  28. Climb Mt. Kenya
  29. Sing/Karaoke Adele’s “Hello”
  30. Read a novel each month
  31. Participate in a marathon/walk (whichever comes first) (Standard Chartered Marathon; Family Fun Run;October, 2016)
  32. Learn to play chess

I am done with the comfort zone. Its been way too long and I can’t wait to get past the foggy/dormant state I have been. There has got to be more to life than just showing up and crunching numbers to survive the next month or so.

Having tried to do this all by myself, its time to head out to whatever corner, mountain or valley this next phase of my life takes me.

You are welcome to join me as I share my thoughts and experiences as I dare my comfortable, safe self to endless possibilities and most especially getting past the initial thrill of achievement and actually sticking to the very end.

Well, enough said…for now.

All the best as you cross off stuff from your…


bucket list,

grocery/shopping list

wish lists