It has been a while since I wrote down my thoughts on paper aside from the usual to-do-list that characterizes the hustle and bustle of living in our beloved city of Nairobi. Nonetheless, I pray that words will not escape me as I do so.

I believe my journey towards graduate school begun when I was continually in the presence of children within the estate I lived in as well as every Sunday as a Sunday school teacher. Hardly would you find me chatting with the grownups, rather the grownups would find me chatting, playing or making crafts with the children from within the estate and their friends from other housing blocks.

The interactions would leave me with questions on how to have a conversation with a child that did not just ask how their day was or what they would like to be when they grow up but rather facilitate a conversation that would be beneficial to both of us after we parted ways. Special needs cases in Sunday school as well as interestingly unique experiences the children were going through stirred the quest for knowledge on children matters and therefore, I searched for child related courses at Masters level, and well, I guess the rest as they say is history.

Researching on child related activities is something I constantly do to lessen the chances of teaching Sunday school in the same manner every other Sunday. Therefore I come across different issues that leave a hunger for more within me.

I am yet to narrow down on what exactly I would like to research on but I do believe my interests may lie in either of the following areas; “How children process death and how Kenyan cultural practices hinder or help them in the grieving process” or “The role of play and art therapy in the holistic development of children”. I do believe if it isn’t either of these two, I will be interested to find or compile ways to get the children away from television screens and into creative learning in non-formal settings.

How I wish we could revert back to barter trade where in exchange for my talents, I would sit at the feet of a wise old woman and gain the knowledge and practical skills that would best cater to holistic well-being of the children around me. However, legal tender is needed in exchange for the knowledge I seek. I have sort out assistance which will ensure I get to attend the first semester without financial hitches.

I have the best social support network, which is truly happy that I am finally pursuing that which is truly part of my calling and purpose in life. My immediate family as well as my Church school family is excited and truly supportive of my studies. Most especially, my mother, who has always known I have a soft spot for children. I am not alone on this journey. That’s a fact.

I am continually in the presence of children and more so, my nephews are dear to my heart. Ensuring that I become the very best child therapist but more so their creative and fun aunt is continually my motivation despite what life throws my way.

I will be a better me that they may be the greatest version of themselves.