33 life lessons @ 33! (Part III)


23. Karma is real. Karma may take its time but when it hits…you won’t know right from left. Be kind to all who you meet and relate with. Be kind.

24. You are blessed to be a blessing. Pesa ni maua. Don’t hoard money for selfish reasons. Help those who can’t repay you. Basically…don’t be a Grinch/Uncle Scrooge.

25. If your dream doesn’t scare you, its not big enough. I  am learning this first hand with my blossoming cookie business (https://m.facebook.com/parcelsofdelight)

26. Tithing and giving your offertory is a personal choice and decision. (PROV. 3:9–10)
(Mal. 3:10–12)

27. Chocolate, Cake and Chicken.In no particular order. Anyday…Anytime.

28. Vegetable samosas or those stuffed with potatoes or ndengu…will place you on my hit list with no chance of ever being pardoned…unless of course you come bearing medium sized spicy meat samosas. Then, I might just reconsider.

29. What you don’t repair…repeats itself. If you keep doing the same “unproductive” stuff over and over again, you need to pause, reflect and adjust accordingly. It curtails regret creeping up on you contantly.

30. Indecision and overthinking steal your joy. Pause…flip a coin and get on with it. I know..its easier said than done.

31. Everyone has got their special thing that floats their boat. Don’t be too quick to judge and don’t be too quick to jump into the boat with them. Stick to your lane.

32. There is never enough time…but there is now. Enjoy each and  every moment.

33. Reason is an enemy of Faith. Faith rarely makes sense. God loves us unconditionally and seeks to have a relationship of loving obedience with us. Step out in faith.

….this and many more life lessons have played out in my life.

What life lessons have played out in your life?



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