Break the chains,
Take those pillars down
Turn on the lights!


Sitting in the dark
Is a thing in the past!
Life goes on

It may ache
It may be difficult to recover
From the blows
That life has dealt
Onto your dreams;

You wish it would all go away
But that’s not how
Life unfolds!

Broken hearts,
Spilt milk,
Broken glass,
Whose impact
Cannot be erased!

It isn’t a sign of weakness
To reach out for help
Unwrap yourself,
From the suffocating cocoon;
Unveil the splendour
That has been dormant
For way too long!

Find the sparkle,
That you once had
Let it shine forth;

The first step you take
Is the longest stride
Worth the fight!

Composed by Faith K. Mutegi

November, 2009


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