Sometimes we are so settled in our hopeless conditions that we are afraid to change. Health and wholeness bring responsibility and effort that most of us who are physically, emotionally or spiritually exhausted may choose to avoid.

The paralyzed man by the pool of Bethesda was full of self pity; he complained but didn’t ask for help. There are times that you too, have a sickness, struggle with sin or face an injustice that seems to have no end. You may feel that no one care or is there for you when you need help.

Do not lose hope. Jesus is seeking you out and drawing you out of the seemingly hapless situation you are in.


When was the last time you obeyed a seemingly impossible command from God? The Lord’s command has 3 parts, each full of spiritual significance for us today as it was to the paralyzed man by the pool way back when. 38 years is a long time to sit on your mat. Every day is the same. Waiting. Watching. Hoping. Not much changes.

If you are “lying” helpless, overwhelmed by sin or resigned to impossible circumstances, choose to:

GET UP: this is a call to action. This means having faith and trust in God and getting rid of every dead weight and hindrances that are besetting us and preventing us from walking and embracing God’s gifts and calling for us.

PICK UP YOUR MAT: roll up and get rid of your excuses. The “mat” will always tempt us to do the easiest thing. Human nature leads us to remember why we had the mat/bed in the first place so we roll it out and go back to lay down and nurse wounds of the past, disappointment and hurts, while some of us , too overwhelmed with the challenges, fall off to sleep wallowing in self pity.

WALK: move from where you have lain for so long spiritually to where He calls you. Put forth your efforts in obedience to the command of Jesus Christ.

The question remains; Do you want to get well? Our loving God does not keep score of the many times you’ve crawled back to your mat. All He is asking of you and me today is; Get up, pick up your mat and walk.


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