I come before you crying out for help. I am lost. I am petrified at what lies before me. I am scared of the legacy I may leave if today was my very last day on earth. I am lost in thoughts of what I should have done, what I should be doing, what I need to do and leaving it all to you.


I have made mistakes in the past. I have lived life selfishly only thinking of my very own comfort. I haven’t been the very best of friends. I have not been a good leader as I haven’t shouldered the responsibilities diligently. I have done more complaining than actual work. I have daydreamed my way through life. I have talked big and done little. I have placed myself on the highest moral pedestal I could find. I have been disorderly yet you oh Lord are a God of order. I have shied away when I should have stepped up to the plate like Queen Esther. I have labeled myself a wallflower but timidity isn’t what you placed in my DNA oh Lord when you formed me in my mother’s womb.

Lord, I am reaping what I have sown over the years and I must say, it isn’t a harvest worthy of the grace and blessings you’ve bestowed me every single day. I am not worthy to come to your presence Oh Lord by I come to you nonetheless, for you are forgiving and merciful. My heart is burdened by life’s troubles. I am weary Oh Lord. I reach out to you as my physical body resists with every single fiber. I strive to break free of the knots and chains that have wrapped my in their suffocating embrace.

You know the meditations of my heart and mind. I willingly and wholeheartedly give you all I have today and forever more. I pray and believe that despite the hazy, confused, troubled outlook life presents before me, you will lovingly steady my failing heart and awaken my mind to your purpose and will.



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