I was on my way to work today when I spotted a mini-bus that had stalled along the Thika Superhighway. I don’t know why I thought of it much today as it is a daily occurrence especially when it rains.

But I thought to myself..we truly do wear facades with each passing moment. If there was a way to replay someone’s experiences from when they woke up to the time they smile at you when you meet along the office corridors; sema drama!

I bet it would be full of hilarious and shocking stuff, from gas kuisha as you fry that egg, ama maji imelost, yet again…when you could kill for a hot shower! Or the guy who sat next to you smelt soooo good that it pained you…slightly..when he had to alight at an earlier stage than you. And the world not being fair to you the very next day, when you are forced to hold your breath throughout the eternity that the morning jam presents, sitting next to a being who seems to be testing a theory on how long he can go without bathing!

A thought crossed my mind just the other day. What if you were randomly paired with 5 other individuals you bumped into along the crazy streets of Nairobi? Would you have anything in common aside from tales of traffic jam, high cost of living, how hot its been lately or the suffocating corruption sideshows that characterize almost every Kenyan conversation?

Ain’t it funny that no day goes by without us saying at least one or two of these phrases:-

  • Well lakini si thats life?
  • Politicians are and will always be the same.
  • This is Kenya…it happens…ni kawaida tu! Kenya iko na wenyewe!
  • Men are ….!!!!
  • Haujui wanawake?? Women are the best of friends and the worst of enemies.
  • Mimi sijui kwanini boss ananionea?
  • Am broke. Si unisort kiasi bro?
  • Imagine I can’t believe he could do that to me. Yeeni who does he think he is?
  • If only I could have this much….  kila kitu itakuwa shwari…etc

Ain’t it funny that we keep saying the same things, over and over again,and wonder why we always find ourselves in the same murky situation, month after month?


We need to get angry at something if not everything, for we can’t keep reading the same script over and over again, whether its in our personal or national issues.



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