I had a dream. Not the kind that Martin Luther King had, but I had a dream nonetheless. I’ve had dreams before but this one was quite baffling and perplexing.

One of the highlights was “catching” my cute next door neighbour stealing my mop and mop bucket and us having a small tiff  with him which then morphed into me squealing in delight upon seeing my long lost lady friend from my university days. How are the two connected? Well, I am asking myself the very same question. 🙂

The dream wasn’t done with me yet. Next scene featured yours truly, behind the wheel of a fancy car whose make I couldn’t quite tell. Driving is a skill I am yet to acquire but which I seemed to engage in effortlessly. This part of the dream still elicits a smile as it seems to be prodding me on what I should tackle next on my 33 challenges before turning 33 list. Can’t wait.

Next scene overwhelmed me and I guess it marked the end of my dream coz I woke up soon after and I could vividly remember the details. I was running late for something that I had never done before and one which would truly test my limits physically. In the dream, I was really, extremely late and I could not find my sling bag, the keys to the door or my shoes. However my determination to attend the event kept me going and then…I woke up!

I am truly perplexed by the contents of my dreams. Sijui niseme? The”perplexion/perplexity” continues.

Have you had any stranger than fiction dreams lately? Yes? Do jot them down and stash the note someplace and when the world seems like one giant webbed conundrum, retrieve the note(s) and have a laugh at the crazy things your mind has conjured up in the past.

Take a deep breath and remember…



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