Take a breather.


The fast paced, relentless duties of life often cause us to say with a sigh, ” I need a breather.” Medical researchers have discovered that for virtually every person who does any type of work, performance level improves when a person breathes properly.

Good breathing is defined as being regular, deep, and slow. It supplies oxygen to the blood stream, which is vital for the functioning of all bodily organs, especially the heart and brain.

The scriptures tell us that God breathes His life into us physically and spiritually. Jesus breathed upon His disciples to impart the Holy Spirit to them. (John 20:22). The early church experienced the Holy Spirit as a rushing mighty wind-a manifestation of the breath of God (Acts 2:1-2).

Today an  of God working in our personal lives is often experienced as a “breathe of fresh air”, one that cleanses and revives us in every part of our being. We need a “breather” in the Lord’s presence so that He can even out the rhythm of our lives. Our spirits will be deeply refreshed and renewed.


Pause to receive from the Lord, and see if you don’t find yourself slowing down and releasing the tensions of fear, frustration, and futility. You will be able to think more clearly, God’s love will flow more freely, and creative ideas will begin to fill your mind. Inhale deeply of His goodness, strength and love.



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