How do you eat a whale?


There is nothing worse than a false sense of security in life. It clouds one’s judgment and sucks the life out of one’s very existence with each passing minute.

It saddens and crushes the soul to the extent of not wanting to think no more and leads one to seek a way to numb the torturous despair that engulfs their very being.


But it not all gloom and doom as your myriad of thoughts would like you to believe.

Despite the fact that the money in your possession right now seems like the definitive mark between you and poverty or nothing seems to go your way, no matter how many lists you write and re-write or how often you re-organize your daily routines to maximize healthy habits; the very fact that you are trying to make sense of all that surrounds you calls for celebration.

The fight never ends until you give in. Never, ever give in. Never ever give up. Do everything in your power to reach out, and make it work. it sounds cliche, but the truth is out there for you to see. You have heard it over and over again, but it never seems to pierce through the hazy fog that holds your mind hostage. Here it is again, the simple truth in different phrases that all mean the same thing.





The poem below  sums it all up.melinda-mae

Identify your whale today, and eat it, one bite at a time. Bon Appetit!



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