I bet you know you are kinda weird right? Well, I admitted that to myself quite a while backand I am fine with it thus far. Just say I read the signs and interpreted the writing on the wall. I guess the world agrees with me coz as I write this, there is a locust on my desk and I don’t know whether I should be worried or just laugh out as long as my ribs can hold on.


Worried coz I have no idea if its twitching feelers are sending “sonar” signals to the rest of the swarm and yet there is nothing green on my desk as well as in my purse considering that this is indeed “Njaanuary”. I guess I will let it chill out here with me. There is no need for me to increase its stress levels. Life is hard enough as it is and I am not ready to  shoulder the trauma of releasing it through the office window only for a bird to grab and make a meal out of it before my unbelieving eyes. I do not approve of the sequence of events my mind just conjured up, therefore, I opt out of it entirely.

However, I do feel guilty since my mother taught me better than this. It is common courtesy that if you have guests over, you welcome them with a snack and/or drink. Now, if only there were flowers on my desk, it would be free to nibble on them and I wouldn’t mind. Wait a minute, I would mind but in all fairness a half eaten petal is better than witnessing the aforementioned scenario.

Hold your horses! ( if you have any…if not….hold your thoughts!)

It just occured to me that I could extend the invitation to a day like today, next month. The day a chubby man-child supposedly hovers around shooting arrows at all and sundry leaving them in a state of hopeless love struckedness. (pardon my grammar…the locust ate up my Dictionary). There will be plenty of bouquets ( one can hope) and my duties as a hostess will be accomplished.

Well, only time will tell. Let’s both take a chill pill and see what the rest of the day brings our way.

I do know one thing for sure; it truly is weird that I have taken minutes of my life…that I shall never recover…to write about an insect on my desk. For now though, let me remind myself of the parts of an insect as I keep mum about the day we roasted grasshoppers as kids way back when.

Oh dear, its feleers just twitched.

PS: If you spot a swarm of locuts, do give me the heads up!!

Webbed Conundrums


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