Making: cakes & cupcakes every week, an improvement from my annual Christmas specials.

Cooking: Scotch eggs, a delightful snack that has stuck with me ever since I first made it in high school during a Homescience practical.

Drinking: Mint tea. No idea why but it helps me unwind.

Reading: my To-do list for my first week back to work.

Wanting: the very best for my nephews. Grateful for the progress they’ve made so far.

Looking: at Nairobi’s streets and its environs from 20th floor. Its quite a sight. #birdseyeview

Playing: Mahjong Giants. 😉

Wasting: no time in scheduling my tasks and setting deadlines.

Sewing: loose buttons and seams.

Wishing: I could be at the beach or watching fireworks or both!! B-)

Enjoying: chatting with colleagues I have’nt seen in a while.

Waiting: to bake more cakes in the evening.

Liking: the fact that I now have more dresses than trousers in my closet. ❤

Wondering: why someone would make someone else’s life a living hell; and view themselves as the victim.o_O o_O

Loving: that my nephews love my childhood favourites:  Lion King and The Smurfs.

Hoping: to travel and site see, whether due to work related or personal trips.

Marvelling: at the fact that I bumped into my former student, during a most unlikely event; plus the positive feedback I received. It cemented what I do believe is my purpose in life.

Needing: a mental breakthrough in my artistic expressions!

Smelling: my homemade cupcakes baked yesterday and packed as a gift for a colleague’s son’s birthday.

Wearing: my favourite bracelet bearing the key names of my craft page on Facebook Faith Hope and Love ( Creative Powerhouse)

Following: less self help/motivational groups on social media.

Noticing: that I am smiling more and taking more chances.

Knowing: that being moved to a different office will be to my benefit even though it doesn’t seem like it right now.

Thinking: about my beloved Mum. I love to infinity and beyond.

Feeling: satisfied, having just eaten my homecooked lunch.

Bookmarking: what I want to grow in. What you feed, grows. What you ignore, dies.

Opening: my heart to new experiences; plus a Gratitude Jar to fill with what I am grateful for each day.

Giggling: at my nephews observations and remarks. Bless them Lord. ❤

#Clarity #Consistence # Creativity



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