Making: changes in my daily routine in my quest for meaning and harmony in my life
Cooking : home cooked meals ensuring I am eat healthy and save some coins in the long run
Drinking : lots of water; the sun has given birth to triplets…my lips are not amused
Reading: The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho. Interesting read, despite the title of the book
Wanting: all the visions, hopes & dreams I have, come to fruition/are jump-started this year 2015
Looking: for my moment of Zen. It keeps eluding me due to all the distractions my mind conjures
Playing: Mahjong giants. Phone games haven’t placed me under their spell
Wasting: time thinking too much about how to be instead of being and doing. Breathe & let go!
Sewing: nothing yet; lost that skill immediately after my KCSE exams back in 2002
Wishing: he would let me be. I am getting over him but the feelings keep resurfacing. Space & time
Enjoying: the travels I have had in the last 2 months. Mombasa, Matuga, Kilifi, Machakos and SouthC
Waiting: on the one the Lord has chosen for me
Liking: my current wedges. They are a life saver (foot saver) with the current hot weather in Nairobi
Wondering: why life has to be such a long & convoluted quest for meaning and harmony
Loving: Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars…Uptown Funk. Plus Taylor Swift’s 1989 album
Hoping: to pare down decisions about wardrobe essentials; leading to time management as well as enhanced focus
Marvelling: at how I keep getting positive feedback on crafts making and public speaking. #leapoffaith
Needing: loads of warm bear hugs plus family and friend bonding time
Smelling: cakes and pastries on my walk from the office to the bus stop. Delight vs. silent torture
Wearing: my favourite gray-white-black cardigan that I can’t get enough of
Following: or rather subscribed to Pentatonix; a fantastic acapella group that gives me oh so much joy
Noticing: that if I read more and have structured days and be positive; my day turns out delightful
Knowing: that the Lord is with me and that this year will be a wonderful year of accomplishments
Thinking: that its about time I signed up for my Masters degree. Why am I holding back? Time isn’t
Feeling: accomplished that day by day I see noticeable improvements despite the sneaky “bad days”
Bookmarking: baking challenges; they will come in handy quite soon
Opening: a new chapter; I am a gentle enigma 😉
Giggling: over the way Hollywood depicts Africa…you can’t ride quad bikes next to a herd of elephants!!
Feeling: creative and highly capable of accomplishing my Valentine weekend treats. Yay!!


What’s happening in your part of the world?