I will be damned if I pretend not to notice you.
It would be unlike me not to turn my head discreetly
And catch even a slight glance of you.
Indeed you are a work of art,
And the way you adorn yourself triples your worth.
Where have you been all my life is a question?
That has engraved itself into my mind
Since that day you brushed up against me.
A mixture of sugar, spice, and all things nicenice
With a dash of rock and roll cannot begin to describe
What went through my being at that moment.
There’s something about you that I try to figure out
But I can’t seem to get it right each time we meet.
My knees have never been so weak in my life
I always need to get my breathing in check
Every time I inhale your sexy cologne.
You tackle life with a smile
That puts all the toothpaste commercials to shame.
Confusion is never far away when I am around you,
But I don’t mind the feeling at all,
It’s my favourite kind of drug.
It takes me on a high yet my feet
Never leave the ground.
When I fall asleep I wish you were near me
Because why have a dream
When you can have the real thing?
My pillow has never been hugged tighter
Than when I am thinking of you but
It is a very poor substitute to your broad ,
Cozy, shoulders that I would never want to leave.
Your chocolate brown eyes seem to sparkle
With everything you do.
I could write a song for you
But each uninterrupted loving gaze
You offer in my direction is the best symphony
My heart has ever embraced.
You taught me to appreciate each
And every fleeting moment for you don’t know
How long it will last,
Or if you will ever experience it again.


You have brought something so beautiful my way.
The stars seem to shine in response to the joy
And love I feel within every fiber of my being.
You are more than my knight in shining armour
Because even though life and love may seem like a battlefield,
I know I won’t be afraid when you are with me.
Unspoken words finally get voiced out.
Feelings get flight through the words
That have emerged from within.
With these words, I let you know,
You are in my heart. I let you know
That you are loved. I let it be known
That I learnt to love from a distance
Since you, my love;
Do not even know I exist.
©Mutegi Faith;2009.


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